Video Blogging is essentially the same thing as regular blogging, only in a video form. A very popular video blogging web hoster is You can really capitalize on video blogging because more than millions of people are on every day. That means that there are potentially millions of people who want to buy your products. And all you have to do is create a Vlog(video blog or video about your product). You can learn more about at my blog

Chapter 4: There are huge rumors saying that is for the “young people.” Truth is, the marketing opportunity with the sales man dream. There are more than millions of people on myspace (literally), and thousands are made every day, so that means that every day you potentially have access to a new buyer and you even have access to more than millions of buyers already on! You can read more about at my blog

Chapter 5: Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing = one of the greatest deals you’ll ever make in your business marketing. It is simply one of the greatest ideas for business marketing. You can get someone to advertise your product and/or service(s), that way your getting leads from someone else’s work. You can read more about Affiliate Marketing at my blog

Chapter 6: Search engine optimization SEO, Search Engine Optimization through tags. You can use google adwords in order to create the most sufficient tags available to you. That way your web site, blog, video, anything with a tag, has a higher possibility rating of getting viewed. You can learn more about SEO at my blog

Chapter 7: Web sites Web Sites in itself are not a good Online Marketing tool. But mixed with SEO, affiliate marketing, tags, links,, blogs,, message boards, and forums you can create a substantial amount of web traffic to your website. Spamming will get your product and/or service(s) a bad name. Instead use your sales methods instead of posting banners and what not to advertise your companies name.

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