Software development is one of the popular jobs in the U.S. Software development jobs are in plenty and they offer an attractive salary package to the skilled candidates. With more sectors are depending on software and IT systems, the demand for software developers is going to increase rapidly in the future. Moreover, the rise of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has further increased demand for the developers in the past two years.

Currently, software products have sneaked into the life of all individuals in different forms. Whether it is a computer or ATM or fuel station or security system, the software products have entered into all the corners of human living. Many software development trends are introduced in every year. The developers and end-users are very particular about making their choice based on the trend. Some trend may go outdated next year, while some may last for many decades.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the trends in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a concept that allows the computer to perform various tasks on their own, without the instruction or intervention from the human or manual user. Nowadays, businesses in manufacturing or any other sector want to make huge profits by cutting down the manual operational cost in addition to human errors. With AI, the business owner can perform various tasks without the need for staffs and labors. Some of the popular and practical examples of AI are smartphones, voice-assisting technology, and big data. If you want to be a popular software developer, then you should master yourself in the area of AI.

Blockchain Technology

This technology has garnered huge attention after the popularity of Bitcoin (cryptocurrency). However, the technology of this application goes beyond cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain is a technology that involves a network of interconnected computers, which stores information and data that cannot be stolen or rigged by anyone. The use of blockchain technology evades the need for a central authority for regulation and monitoring. This is the reason why cryptocurrencies, unlike conventional currencies are not regulated by the central bank or any other authorities.

Owing to the robust security, many companies across the industries have started adopting this technology and many companies considering using this technology in the future. This technology allows the company to authenticate, even the humongous transactions in quick time without the need for any costly monitoring procedures.

Health care industries are seeking this technology to streamline various processes such as storing medical data, administration, etc.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

These are nothing but websites, which acts progressively like mobile apps to provide the benefits of mobile experience to the website users.


Data loss has become a big concern for individuals and businesses. This is the reason why website owners and business owners and individuals are very particular about securing their personal information from various miscreants. The software developer can brighten their career chances by becoming proficient in the field of cybersecurity.

The software developers should keep on updating their knowledge and know the latest and upcoming trends to stay and survive in the industry.

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